The Right Way To Quit Kratom

kratom is a herbal drug and considered suitable for opiate addiction, pain relief, and diarrhea, it lowers blood pressure, reduces the feelings of fear, stress, anxiety and brings influential sentiments like happiness and euphoria. People have already been consuming it securely for thousands of years with almost no side effects.

Herbal medication is not addictive both physically and mentally, but you should clear about some facts. Is the kratom addictive? Is it difficult to quit the herb? There are no grounds for addiction, so the answer must be “No” it must not be difficult to avoid the consumption whenever you decide on, but the whole story relies on the correct dosage and way of use.

Kratom creates many useful effects for the body such as mood-lifting, energizing, relaxing and many other benefits to life.


Factors Responsible For Quitting Kratom:

Side Effects:

Kratom’s offers potency and relaxation to the body systems, but unfortunately, the benefits come with a few side effects for some consumers such as:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Light headache
  • Stomach issue
  • Mental miasma
  • Anxious moods

These symptoms lead you to avoid the intake of the Kratom.

The time span is also played an essential role in the making a right decision. It depends on how often you experience the adverse effects in your body and on what dosage. The undesired results are usually happening due to the massive dose. If you consume too large of a dosage of a specific strain, you may bear the consequences!

What to do to exclude the side effects? It’s undeniable; you should decrease the quantity you consume in next consumption to get the wanted results and effects. The side effects will never occur if you follow the proper dosage schedule.

Other Factors:

When you are using kratom, you must follow some rules to have a healthy lifestyle. Lack of appropriate exercise, dehydration and poor diet may cause harmful effects.


  • Kratom is not addictive. Although it delivers the impact alike to opiates, it is not that because it doesn’t form the endorphin spikes sequence and broken cell receptors that the prior do. Therefore, the drug is not listed as a controlled tranquilizer by the U.S. government and many other countries around the world.
  • If you take it in control manner, that kratom will never lead someone towards addiction risk.


  • Over time the effects reduce in strength due to the dependence of the herb. This stage comes because of over-use and increasing the dosage regularly.
  • If you become tolerant, no need quit the drug altogether just change the dosage and your routine of taking some particular strain.
  • Solely expand the quantity with comparatively longer time span between the dosage. Use the strain alteration to get the maximum benefits and minimum side effects.
  • On tolerance, never increase the dose, as you may experience the more issues and problem. As an alternative, take a pause, and afterward, use a product with the different strain to hold the tolerances in control.

The Way You Can Avoid Tolerance:

The best way to dodge increasing tolerance of the herb is to space out your quantities you use every time. When you enhance the time span among dosages, it will surely help the alkaloids to leave the body system, and you are ready to intake a new dose.

  • Do not take the dosage more than once in a day if consumption is scheduled on a daily basis.
  • You may ward off the addiction and tolerance by reducing dosage sporadically
  • Preferably, use the dose on alternate days.
  • Rotation of different strains is another technique to evading the dependence.
  • Switch up the type of the herb to provide the incongruent alkaloids to your brain instead of developing the reliance upon a particular one. For example, you may take a Green vein one day and Red one another day.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Kratom does not show as significant withdrawal symptoms on quitting. In very extreme cases, for example, if the consumer has been using the herb for years on a daily basis, there may be a short-term period of enlarged side effects but not long-term harmful conditions. The withdrawal will end quickly.
  • In general, kratom will never create severe dependences on consumers as compared to the other drugs sometimes does.
  • Experiencing psychological and physical balance in your body is delightful.
  • You must take a break and stop consuming the herb if you are feeling and sensing the hints from your body to quit it. The termination and quitting is immediate and not hard with small side effects.
  • You can have another look at the herb when the time is right.

In short side effects and symptoms, you usually experience not enough grounds to quit. But always take care of the quantity you use. Eventually, your body system knows better what’s best for you.