Kratom is used widely for different health reasons today in the health sector. If taken in the right dose, usually kratom can give the best effects to deal with varying complications of health like pain. In its natural condition, kratom is very bitter. For this reason, there are many different ways in which you can use kratom but still get to enjoy the needed effects. Here are some of the ways to consume kratom safely.

How You Can Use Kratom

1. Inform of tablets

You can take kratom in tablets form, what is majorly known as kratom capsules. This is the common way in which kratom dose can be made use of. The capsules are more convenient than any other way of using kratom. For instance, the capsules already come parked with an indication of the weight of the content. This means that you will not need to be measuring the kratom every time you want to take your dose. Additionally, kratom capsules tend to be tasteless and so you will not feel the normal unpleasant taste of kratom when you take it in powder form.

Kratom is just like any other dose of a drug from the hospital which you will be expected takes the right treatment. This means that at times, you might have to take your dose while traveling. Carrying the tablets with you becomes very useful as compared to powder form. This makes this method to be the most popular way of using kratom.

2. In powder form

Kratom can also be used by taking the kratom powder. In comparison to kratom capsules, kratom powder happens to be cheaper especially when you buy it in bulk. In this way, the powder can be used in different ways. It can either be dissolved in warm water then drunk like any other medicine in liquid form. Alternatively, it can be dissolved in kratom potentiator like grapefruit juice so that the unpleasant taste can be suppressed.

If you do not want to use it in any drink, you can as well take the kratom powder in the right amount into your mouth then immediately take some water. This is commonly known as the toss and wash method. If you can bear the taste, you can do it in this way.

3. Leaves chewing

This is somehow an old method of using kratom. It is only applicable to those who live in places where kratom is grown. With this method, the leaves are first washed then chewed very slowly so that the juice can be fully extracted. He juice is the swallowed while the leaves residue is thrown away. The challenge with this is that it is difficult to take the right dose and also is decolonizes the teeth of the user. Today, this method is very rare especially for those who have to import their kratom.